I.H.M. Baas

Ivan Baas studied law at Utrecht University (civil law) and started his career as a lawyer at one of the major law firms in the Randstad. Since 1987, he has been associated with ScheerSanders.


Ivan is a specialised personal injury lawyer and a member of, among others, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (www.lsa.nl) and the Working Group Doctor and Lawyer (www.waa.nl). When dealing with personal injury cases, he demonstrates commitment and persistence.  


He has a broad experience in disciplinary and liability law for independent professionals, not only as a lawyer but also as a member, secretary and chairman of several disciplinary tribunals.


Ivan is frequently engaged by professionals in primary health care in various matters such as negotiations with health care insurers, setting up partnerships and interdisciplinary joint ventures and various health care law issues. He presents himself as a generalist with a distinct solution-orientated focus. 


Practice areas: injury law, insurance and liability law, health care law, disciplinary law, general civil practice. 


Mail: baas@scheer.nl