A.H. van Haga

Augusta is a committed and passionate lawyer and mediator. She thinks outside the box to find the optimal solution for your situation.


After 20 years of private practice, her strength lies in more complex family law cases in which children are involved and parents cannot reach a joint decision regarding their child(ren). It concerns matters such as relocation with the children inside or outside the Netherlands or the reverse situation: international child abduction, contact arrangements, (international) parental access and child maintenance.


Augusta also focuses on inheritance law. After completing the specialisation course of the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS), she is even more motivated to advise heirs, people who are disinherited, the executor of the will administrator or the estate or represent them during proceedings.


Augusta clarifies your legal position and gives you options so that well-considered decisions can be made.


Augusta is member of the VFas and also: 

  • deputy registrar of the ‘Raad van Discipline’ in The Hague;
  • executive board member of the vFAS en
  • member of BNI Seagull 

Practice areas: family and juvenile law, maintenance, parental responsibility and contact, international child abduction.


Mail: vanhaga@scheer.nl



Annotatie bij uitspraak van de Rechtbank Almelo (18 januari 2013)

Annotatie bij uitspraak van de Rechtbank Breda (31 januari 2013)

Annotatie bij een arrest van de Hoge Raad (20 december 2013)

Annotatie bij een uitspraak van het Gerechtshof Den Haag (26 augustus 2014)