A.H. van Haga

Augusta van Haga studied at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After some years as a lawyer in general practice, she came to specialise in the field of family law.


She left the legal profession in 1998 in order to consider her future. Having stayed abroad for 6 months she decided to take up her career as a lawyer and to specialise further in family law. ScheerSanders gave her the opportunity to realise this ambition.


In 2002 Augusta Van Haga completed her specialist course in family law at the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (www.vfas.nl) She now works in the field of divorce, financial support and child custody as well as in the law concerning minors (such as visitation rights, child kidnapping, custody and court custody).


In addition, for several years she has been working as substitute registrar at the Disciplinary Tribunal for the Royal Jurisdiction in The Hague, which handles complaints filed against lawyers.

She speaks several modern languages, including Bulgarian.


Practice areas: family law, law concerning minors, financial support, and custody, international child kidnapping.


Mail: vanhaga@scheer.nl