E.J. Krijgsman

Eric-Jan Krijgsman studied at Leiden University (corporate law). He has been with ScheerSanders since 2001 and deals with general civil matters, especially in the fields of labour and rent law.


In labour law disputes he works for employers as well as employees. He has experience in dismissal procedures and solving problems concerning the shop floor. He did postgraduate studies in labour law (PALA) and is a fellow of the Dutch Association of Labour Law Lawyers (www.vaan-arbeidsrecht.nl) and the (regional) Association of Labour Law Lawyers of The Hague (VHA).


Eric-Jan Krijgsman has acquired a profound knowledge of rent law in dealing with procedures concerning termination of lease and eviction. He represents both landlords and tenants of business and housing accommodation. He acted for tenants in several procedures during the notorious Zwarte Madonna law suit.


He has a business-like and pragmatic disposition without losing touch with the human aspect of a case.


Practice areas: labour law, rent law, personal injurie claims, general civil practice


Mail: krijgsman@scheer.nl