P. Rijpstra

Peter Rijpstra finished his law studies at the Rijks University in Leiden. In 1980 he began his career as a lawyer at Sander & Foortse Laywers, one of the founders of the present ScheerSanders.


Peter Rijpstra feels at home with entrepreneurs. By counselling entrepreneurs for many years he has become familiar with the problems they are confronted with in the fields of labour relations, professional collaborations, supplier and customer contracts, and collections and creditors.

Furthermore he has an affinity for real estate: leasing and letting of business sites and buying and selling of commercial and private property are among his fields of activity. He did the Specialist Course on real estate and is a member of the Association of Real Estate Lawyers (www.verenigingvastgoedjuristen.nl).


In addition to this Peter Rijpstra is secretary to the disciplinary tribunal and arbitration board of NBA the Dutch Association of Accountants (www.nba.nl).

Peter Rijpstra has a keen legal perception and knows how to put this into action in a practical and purposeful way.


Practice areas: general corporate law, labour law, real estate law.


Mail: rijpstra@scheer.nl