ScheerSanders’ fees differ per lawyer, depending on his or her experience and specialism. Circumstances such as the client’s financial capacity, the case’s financial interest and/or the degree of urgency needed can sometimes be a reason to apply a different fee. In all cases, we will make clear agreements about fees during the first consultation.

ScheerSanders always strives to find a good balance between the interest of the case and the fee. The relatively modest size of the office has a favourable effect on the costs.


Liability cases

The costs for legal assistance in liability cases usually do not need to be an obstacle for the client to engage a lawyer. When the liability is clear, the other party is obliged to pay for reasonable costs for legal assistance. If liability is nog recognised and legal proceedings are necessary, there is a possibility to make an agreement for flexible fees, with ScheerSanders working for a low, cost-covering fee. If the legal proceedings are successful, a previously agreed `success fee’ will be charged.


Legal expenses insurers

ScheerSanders is regularly asked to give a second opinion on the quality of legal representation. For clients of legal expenses insurers, most policy conditions include dispute regulations. These regulations provide the option of obtaining a second opinion at the expense of the insurance company when there is a dispute about the manner in which a case is or should be handled.

In addition, legal expense insurers are required by law to leave the choice of a lawyer to the insured person. Consequently, at the moment a procedure starts, the insured person has the right to call in a lawyer of his or her own choice at the expense of the insurer.