Commercial real estate

For every entrepreneur it is important to ensure a good accommodation for the company. If problems arise in this area, this hinders business operations. This starts when negotiating and entering into contracts, in the case of rent and purchase, as well as of sale and renovation. Assessment and advice before finalising the contract can prevent many problems. Important questions to be asked include: how is the rental price or rental increase set? Which lease rules apply? How and when can the rent be terminated?


These aspects can best be settled during the negotiation phase. When a dispute already has arisen, the solution is more complex. In both cases, it is in your interest as an entrepreneur to choose a lawyer who is familiar with this discipline. The ScheerSanders lawyers do not only possess ample experience and expertise in this field, they also have your interest in mind at all times. In case of disputes they can assess the best strategy and determine how to prevent or restrict damages, always in consultation with you.


ScheerSanders has expertise in a large number of aspects of commercial real estate, including:

  • lease contracts for 290 commercial premises;
  • lease contracts for other real estate;
  • contract negotiations;
  • rental disputes;
  • maintenance deficiency;
  • termination of lease contracts;
  • debt collection conflicts;
  • renovation contracts;
  • purchase and sale;
  • issues within owners’ associations;
  • disputes over mortgages;
  • duties between neighbours;
  • easements.


Membership of specialist associations:

Vereniging Vastgoed Juristen (VVJ,


Contact person: Peter Rijpstra