Business law

Every entrepreneur has to deal with contracts, both within the company and from other parties. It is important to assess draft contracts, including tenders, before they are definite. This can prevent many problems. A trained eye is able to examine the most commonly used contracts with minimal time investment, looking for pitfalls or other problems.


The ScheerSanders lawyers can assess your contracts quickly and efficiently. In the case of (imminent) disputes, our assistance is aimed to secure your interests. If possible, this will be arranged by means of a settlement, but if necessary, we will develop an efficient and adequate strategy for the legal proceedings.


A selection from the activities in which ScheerSanders is frequently involved:


  • choice of legal form or development of the company;
  • establishment and implementation of the legal body (flex bv, vof, cv );
  • protection of the company or trade name;
  • use and contents of the general conditions;
  • drawing up and assessing commercial contracts;
  • debt collections;
  • corporate contract disputes;
  • corporate disputes.


Contact person: Arjen Douma