Inheritance law

There is only one certainty in life, which is that everybody dies in the end. However, this does not render the demise of a loved one any less difficult. Apart from the emotional impact, one also faces practical issues. Often the surviving relatives are not at all, or not sufficiently prepared. Which arrangements have to be made? What does the will involve? Should the inheritance be accepted or refused?


Augusta van Haga is a specialised inheritance lawyer. Based on her expertise and experience, she offers advice to heirs about their legal position. She also represents their commercial and financial interests, including:


  • explanation of the will;
  • possibilities to nullify the will;
  • claims by a disinherited spouse;
  • information about the extent of the inheritance;
  • statutory share.


Heirs fairly regularly find themselves at opposing sides during the settlement of the estate. Although an amicable agreement is preferable, we do not hesitate to start legal proceedings when necessary.


Contact person: Augusta van Haga