Personal damages

Personal damages can be caused in many ways, not only by traffic accidents, but also by job-related accidents, violence, defective products, animal behaviour or medical errors. Damages often are not restricted to the financial realm, the psychological effects can be serious as well.


ScheerSanders has the legal expertise to bring such cases to a successful conclusion. In addition, our lawyers communicate efficiently and firmly with parties involved in the management of claims, such as insurance companies, medical advisors or employment experts. In cases of personal damages, we distinguish ourselves by our resolute and persistent approach. An extra asset is the medical advisor who is associated with our office.


The ScheerSanders personal damages’ team deals with cases in the following areas:


  • traffic accidents, both in the Netherlands and internationally;
  • medical errors;
  • damages in case of death;
  • job-related injuries;
  • liability for children, animals and defective premises
  • product liability;
  • occupational diseases.


Feel free to contact us for a first meeting, free of charge. The sooner you involve us, the more we can do for you. Did you already engage somebody to represent your interests, but do you have doubts about the quality of the legal assistance you receive? We gladly offer a second opinion, in which usually no costs are involved.


Membership of specialist associations:

Vereniging Letselschade Advocaten (LSA,

Werkgroep Artsen Advocaten (WAA,


Contact person: Eric-Jan Krijgsman