Insurance and liability

American conditions in liability law, with outrageous claims? This fortunately is not (yet) the case in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, our legal system too, presumes that the damages caused by someone else’s fault, should be compensated completely.


As an individual, you are entitled to receive professional service of good quality, whether from medical specialists, lawyers, notaries, accountants or members of any other profession. When errors in advice or treatment occur, they may have negative consequences. In such cases you can demand compensation.


ScheerSanders has ample experience in assessing the quality of professional services. After drawing up a broad inventory of the case in question, we are usually able to determine whether a claim has a chance of success. Damages are usually covered by a liability insurance company.


ScheerSanders can assist you in cases involving:


  • professional liability of commercial service providers;
  • medical liability
  • disputes with insurance companies.


Membership of specialist associations:

Vereniging Voor Verzekerings-Wetenschap (VVVW)


Contact person: Ivan Baas