Professional practice and Cooperation

As a medical professional or pharmacist you probably prefer to concentrate on the substantive side of your profession. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs in health care face continuous higher demands, not in the least because of the government’s efforts to stimulate market forces in health care. The accompanying complex regulations and administrative burdens require an ever higher time investment from the entrepreneurs in this sector.


ScheerSanders offers advice to independent professionals in the medical sector in cases that are related to professional practice and to cooperation with other medical disciplines. You can consult us on, among others:


  • renting or leasing practice rooms;
  • labour contracts and labour disputes;
  • establishment and termination of partnerships
  • interdisciplinary collaborations such as partnerships, (A)HOED's (GP’s and pharmacy working together under one roof) and health centres;
  • negotiations with health care insurers;
  • assessment of franchise contracts;
  • coordination of medicines;
  • integrated care
  • distribution of medicines;
  • cooperation with institutions.

Contact person: Ivan Baas