Disciplinary law and professional liability

As a medical professional you may be confronted with a disciplinary complaint or a claim for damages. Liability is usually covered by an insurance policy, which in most cases also covers legal assistance. When you do need legal assistance, you are usually restricted to the lawyer designated to you by the insurance company.


In that case, you may feel the need to be represented by your `own’ lawyer, especially when there is a dispute. This can happen, for instance, when the insurance company’s lawyer extends a reservation for coverage , because the claim was registered too late. Also, the designated lawyer’s approach to the defence may cause resistance.

When you engage ScheerSanders, your interest is always leading for your own lawyer. Moreover, he or she can consult with the liability insurance company’s lawyer if necessary.


ScheerSanders has knowhow and experience relating to disciplinary and professional liability law for among others:


  • apothecaries;
  • general practitioners;
  • dentists;
  • nursing home physicians;
  • specialists;
  • gz-psychologists;
  • nurses.


Contact person: Ivan Baas