Reasonable and affordable rates

ScheerSanders’ rates vary per lawyer, depending on experience and specialisation. Circumstances such as the client's ability to pay, the financial values of the case and/or the degree of urgency may sometimes give rise to a different rate. In all cases, clear agreements about the fees will be made during the first interview.

ScheerSanders always aims at a good balance between the value of a case and the fees. In addition, the relatively modest size of our firm has a positive effect on costs.

ScheerSanders introduces a special rate
In family matters, ScheerSanders does not handle cases on a legal aid basis, usually referred to as 'toevoeging'. However, we do find it very important that good legal assistance remains accessible to everyone. That is why we apply a special rate to those cases. This rate of € 100.00 per hour excluding VAT applies to individuals with an income and capital that fall within the limits applied by the Legal Aid Council. Do you want to know if you can qualify for this special rate? Click here for the current table with income and capital limits on the Council’s website or log in using your DigiD in order to apply for an income statement.

If you require more information, please contact Annemarie Braun on 070 - 365 99 33. She will be happy to see what ScheerSanders can do for you.

Liability issues
The costs of legal assistance in liability cases should not usually prevent you from instructing a lawyer. If the other party’s liability for damages has been established, the other party is required to pay the reasonable costs of legal representation. If the other party does not admit to liability and legal proceedings are necessary, it is possible to make flexible fee agreements. For example, ScheerSanders could provide its services at a low, cost-effective rate. In case of a successful outcome of the proceedings, a 'success fee' agreed in advance will be charged.

Legal expenses insurers
ScheerSanders regularly receives requests to give a second opinion about the quality of legal representation. Most insurance policies provide for a dispute settlement scheme, which apply to clients of legal expenses insurers. This scheme offers the possibility of obtaining a second opinion at the expense of the insurance company if there is a difference of opinion about the way in which a case is or needs to be dealt with.

In addition, legal expenses insurers are legally required to let their insured parties decide which lawyer they would like to instruct. In case of litigation, the insured has the right to choose a lawyer at the expense of the insurer.

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