Many foreign embassies and consulates are based in The Hague. They also participate in Dutch legal transactions by entering into contracts with local parties. For example, employment contracts with local employees, contracts with other local service providers or real estate agreements such as purchase and rental agreements. Often the rules of Dutch law apply to these contracts by operation of law.

Our firm is located in the Archipelbuurt in The Hague and is within walking distance of many embassies and consulates. Traditionally, our office has represented many foreign embassies and consulates. Not just European embassies, but embassies from countries all around the world. Our lawyers are familiar with the complex regulations and diplomatic immunities as regulated in the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations, the European Convention on State Immunity and the UN Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of States and Their Property.

As it is important for embassies and consulates to obtain advice on Dutch law quickly and easily, our firm has a special embassy package price for a fixed number of consultancy hours per year. This way embassies are able to get to know and become familiar with the thorough and fast service of our firm. And the advantage for the embassy is that it is not necessary to ask permission from the ministry of foreign affairs in the home country for every small legal issue separately.

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