Whether you have just arrived in the Netherlands or are looking to move to another property in the Netherlands, it is important to be aware of your rights under Dutch law, either as a tenant or as an owner of a property.

We frequently receive questions from tenants about their legal position. For instance, what if my landlord refuses to carry out any repairs? Can my landlord increase the rent? When and how can my landlord terminate the tenancy agreement?

In the Netherlands, when you buy a property, a notary will take care of transferring the ownership of the property. However, in case of an issue such as a hidden defect which was not disclosed before the sale, you may need the assistance of a lawyer.

Topics we advise on include:

  • tenancy agreements
  • repairs
  • rent disputes
  • termination of tenancy agreements
  • evictions
  • purchase agreements
  • home owner associations (VvE)
  • hidden defects

Please note that we can also assist when leasing or purchasing business premises.

For more information, please contact Irene Lansen.

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