Mr. A.S. Douma

Arjen Douma graduated from the University of Groningen in 1999. That same year he started his career as a lawyer at a medium-sized law firm in The Hague. Since 2007 he practised law independently as a partner of his own firm De Vink Oudshoorn Douma Advocaten in Rijswijk. In 2016 he joined ScheerSanders’ partnership.

From the very beginning, Arjen has focused on insolvency law and corporate law. In 2005 he successfully completed the Grotius / INSOLAD specialisation course insolvency law. He has been a member of the Corporate Litigation Association for more than ten years.

As a liquidator appointed by the court, he has settled more than a hundred bankruptcies. In addition, over the years he has gained extensive experience in advising and - if necessary - litigating on a wide range of company and corporate related issues, such as (re) structuring of companies, turnarounds, financing and security issues, debt collection cases, mergers, acquisitions and divisions, directors' and officers' liability, shareholder disputes, separations of companies and partnerships, but also professional liability cases.

Arjen also has a particular understanding of drafting and / or reviewing contracts, proceedings at the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal and has contributed to the development of law in a number of high-profile cases which led to standard judgments by the Supreme Court.

Arjen is a pragmatic all-round lawyer who has represented various SMEs as an adviser and company lawyer for many years. At ScheerSanders he will continue this tradition and keep assisting entrepreneurs and independent professionals via short lines of communication.

Practice areas: general civil and corporate law practice, insolvency, financing and securities etc.

Arjen is registered in the register of legal areas of the Dutch Bar Association in the following principal legal areas:

  • Corporate law
  • Civil procedural law

On the basis of this registration, he is required to obtain 10 training points in each registered principal area of law each calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.


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