Mr. I.W.E. Lansen

Irene Lansen has been working as a lawyer since 2004 and focuses on employment law. She advises clients about topics such as drafting and amending terms and conditions of employment, non-solicitation and competition clauses, sick employees, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), reorganisation and dismissal. Irene acts for both employers and employees and also represents them in court.

Irene is not only a lawyer in the Netherlands, but also qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales. In 2009 Irene moved to London, where she joined a multinational staffing and recruitment company as an employment lawyer, supporting various HR teams and senior management. She also reviewed and negotiated all sorts of commercial contracts. In 2016, Irene continued her career at ScheerSanders.

Having lived and worked abroad for many years, she knows from her own experience what issues expats may face when they are not familiar with the Dutch language and rules. Therefore, Irene is the main point of contact for expats at ScheerSanders. She regularly assists expats with employment matters, but also in case of contractual disputes.

In 2018 Irene successfully completed the specialisation course in employment law (PALA).

She is a member of:
- The Dutch Employment Lawyers’ Association (VAAN)
- The Hague Employment Lawyers’ Association (VHAA)
- The Employment Law Association (VvA)

Irene is registered in the register of legal areas of the Dutch Bar Association in the principal legal areas employment law. On the basis of this registration, she is required to obtain 10 training points in each registered principal area of law each calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

For more information see Irene’s profile on Linkedin.

Practice areas: employment law, expats, GDPR, commercial contracts.

Mail: lansen@scheer.nl

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