Mr. A.J.F. Vokurka-Viruly

Anne Vokurka-Viruly is a lawyer with a general civil practice, and mainly assists small and medium sized businesses. In addition to advising and litigating, Anne regularly publishes articles and has written a legal handbook on conservatoir beslagrecht (freezing / proprietary injunctions). She started her career as a lawyer at a large law firm in Rotterdam.

Anne graduated cum laude from Leiden University with a specialisation in civil law. In addition to her law degree, Anne also studied Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology. Based on her technical experience Anne does not shy away from detailed calculations and technical data in legal disputes.

In 2016 Anne published the book: “Handvatten voor het opheffen van conservatoir beslag” (roughly translated as tools for the ending of freezing / proprietary injunctions). As part of her broad civil litigation practice, Anne is particularly skilled in assisting individuals and companies with matters relation to seizure and execution legislation.

Anne is a committed lawyer with a strong focus on her clients interests. She enjoys getting to the bottom of legal issues and translating these into understandable choices for her clients. Anne is driven, works methodically, and has an open and cheerful personality.

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