Commercial Real Estate

The right premises for a business is of great importance for every entrepreneur. If problems with those premises occur, the business is also affected. This starts when negotiating and entering into contracts, whether leasing or purchasing a property, but also when selling or refurbishing it. A review and advice beforehand can prevent a lot of issues. Important questions are for example: how is the rent or any rent increase determined? Which rental regime applies? How and when can the lease be terminated? But also the question what to do if a builder fails to meet his obligations.

Many aspects can be resolved whilst negotiating the agreement. When a conflict has already occurred, it will be more difficult to find a solution. As an entrepreneur, in both situations it is important to have a lawyer who is specialised in this area. Our lawyers at ScheerSanders do not only have a lot of experience and expertise in this field, they also keep your interests in mind at all times. In case of conflicts, together with you they will decide what the best strategy is and how damage can be limited or prevented.

ScheerSanders are experts in many aspects of commercial real estate such as:

  • lease contracts 290/medium-sized business premises;
  • lease contracts other real estate (office premises);
  • contract negotiations;
  • rental disputes;
  • maintenance issues;
  • notice of termination;
  • debt collection disputes;
  • renovation contracts;
  • purchase and sale;
  • homeowners’ association issues;
  • mortgage disputes;
  • neighbours’ duties and rights;
  • easements;
  • ownership disputes.

Membership specialist lawyers associations: Association of Real Estate Lawyers (VVJ).

Meet our housing and real estate team: Eric-Jan Krijgsman, Anne Vokurka-Viruly and Frederike Werts.

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