Quality, privacy and patient rights

ScheerSanders’ sector group Care has extensive knowledge of and experience in health care and pharmacy regulations and has been providing legal assistance to doctors, physicians’ assistants and pharmacists in relation to quality, privacy and patient rights for many years about, for example:

  • the Individual Health Care Act (Wet BIG);
  • the Quality, Complaints and Disputes Care Act (Wkkgz);
  • inspection by and reporting to the Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ);
  • employee participation;
  • the obligation to keep information on file;
  • inspection and blocking rights;
  • the rights of incapacitated patients;
  • the rights of minor patients;
  • termination of a patient treatment agreement.

We offer a special arrangement to care providers and institutions who regularly struggle with acute enquiries about quality, privacy and/or patient rights, so they can be reassured that there is always an expert who can support them and provide well-founded practical advice quickly. If you would like to know more, please contact Anna Vokurka-Viruly.

Membership specialist lawyers associations:  Association of Health Law (VGR).

Meet our team: Ivan Baas, Eric-Jan Krijgsman and Anne Vokurka-Viruly.

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