Employment law is a dynamic area of law. Changes in laws and regulations often take place. Also, legislation is not laid down centrally, but spread over very different sources, such as the Dutch Civil Code and in collective labour agreements, but also, for example, in the Act on Minimum Wage and Minimum Holiday Allowance, the Working Hours Act, the Working Conditions Act, the Work and Care Act and various anti-discrimination legislation.

The experienced employment law lawyers at ScheerSanders keep a close eye on all these regulations and developments and are members of specialist lawyers associations, they attend courses and also give courses and lectures themselves. Your employment matter is in good hands with us.

We advise and litigate on all kinds of employment law issues, such as:

  • entering into and terminating of an employment contract;
  • collective labour agreement and employment conditions;
  • changing terms and conditions of employment;
  • long-term illness and reintegration;
  • health and safety at work;
  • privacy;
  • non-competition clauses;
  • agency worker legislation and secondment;
  • employment disputes;
  • work-related accidents;
  • special positions (statutory directors, flex workers, contractors);
  • all types of dismissal;

Membership specialist lawyers associations:  the Association of Dutch Employment Lawyers (VAAN) and The Hague Association of Employment Lawyers (VHA).

Meet our employment law team: Eric-Jan Krijgsman, Irene Lansen,  Peter Rijpstra, Anne Vokurka-Viruly and Frederike Werts.

Contact person: Frederike Werts

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