Housing and Real Estate

The purchase or sale of a house and having construction work carried out are big decisions that often involve a lot of money. If there is a disagreement between the buyer and the seller or between the client and the contractor, in many cases this will lead to a legal dispute.

Disputes can also arise when renting or letting a house, for example about maintenance, the amount of rent or the termination of the tenancy agreement.

Expert legal assistance, when entering into an agreement as well as in case of an (imminent) dispute, can prevent a lot of trouble. At ScheerSanders you are in good hands. We have specialist knowledge of and experience in real estate, including:

  • housing legislation;
  • purchase and sale disputes;
  • construction law;
  • neighbours’ duties and rights;
  • soil contamination;
  • easements.

Membership specialist lawyers associations: Association of Real Estate Lawyers (VVJ).

Meet our housing and real estate team: Eric-Jan Krijgsman, Peter Rijpstra, Anne Vokurka-Viruly and Frederike Werts.

Contact person: Peter Rijpstra

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