There is only one certainty in life. That is that every human being eventually dies.

This fact does not make the death of a loved one less dramatic. Losing a loved one has an emotional impact, while at the same time practical matters have to be arranged and decisions must be made. Think of questions such as whether a will has been made and if so, what is included in this will. Would you like to accept the estate and if so, do you accept this estate completely or under the benefit of inventory? And what if you and any other heirs cannot agree on settling the estate?

Augusta van Haga is here to advise you on the basis of her expertise and experience about your legal position and the protection of your (financial) interests.

You can contact her for:

  • explaining a will;
  • looking at the possibilities of annulment of a will;
  • your claims as a disinherited spouse;
  • if you want to use your statutory share (your entitlement as a child);
  • assisting with settlement of the estate.

Although it is preferable to come to a mutual arrangement, legal proceedings cannot always be prevented and are sometimes even necessary. In such case we will also represent your interests in the best way possible.

Membership specialist lawyers associations:  Association of Family Law Attorneys and Divorce Mediators (vFAS).

Contact person: Augusta van Haga

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