American-style situations with exorbitant claims in liability law? Fortunately, in the Netherlands this is not (yet) the case. Nevertheless, in our legal system we also expect that damages caused by someone else's fault must be fully compensated.

As a customer you are entitled to good quality of delivered professional services, whether it concerns medical specialists, lawyers, notaries, accountants or another profession. If there are errors in the advice or treatment, this can have harmful consequences. It is also possible that a delivered product does not comply. In such cases, you can claim compensation.

ScheerSanders has extensive experience in assessing the quality of professional services. On the basis of a first assessment of the case, we can often determine whether a claim has a chance of success.

You can contact ScheerSanders about matters such as:

  • professional liability of doctors, lawyers, accountants, estate agents and other (independent) professionals;
  • medical liability;
  • disputes with insurers;
  • disputes with vendors of products or items, including webshops and car salesmen;
  • disputes with service providers, such as builders or plumbers.

Membership specialist lawyers associations: Association for Insurance Science (VVVW).

Meet our team liability: Ivan Baas, Arjen DoumaEric-Jan Krijgsman and Anne Vokurka-Viruly.

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