Most people who are involved in a relationship conflict want to deal with this quickly and without emotions running high. This can be done through mediation. By using this method, the outcome is not determined by a judge, arbitrator or binding adviser, but the parties find a solution themselves. It appears that agreements made in this way are better complied with than judicial decisions, which have to be enforced more often. Therefore, more and more judges refer parties to a mediator first.

Advantages of a mediation:

  • cost reduction;
  • a mature and future-oriented conflict solution;
  • faster and fairer (the interests of both parties are served simultaneously);
  • tailored solution;
  • having everything in their own hands;
  • maintaining the relationship as parents.

Membership specialist associations: Association of Family Law Attorneys and Divorce Mediators (vFAS) and Dutch Mediation Federation (MFN).

Meet our mediators: Annemarie Braun, Augusta van Haga, Hilde Dreesmann-Bruijntjes and Francesco van der Linden.

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